In the vast sector of Healthcare, Medical Laboratory Billing Services are centered on a specific set of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. Keeping Laboratory Billing Services in-house is a cumbersome task because it needs a lot of resources and an experienced team of certified billers and coders to reduce your claim denials. An efficient billing team enables stronger financial health for everyone whether it’s a health group or an individual Laboratory.

Bikham’s professional team has more than 12+ years of experience and we’re making our clients satisfied by providing them the reimbursements they deserve. We handle Laboratory Billing Services more efficiently than any other in the market. Allowing Bikham to manage your Laboratory Billing Services, can help you to get your claims paid faster with fewer denials. We improve your practice’s revenue cycle and cash flow by using correct CPT codes, ICD-10, modifiers, international standards or guidelines and other compliance strategies. We know how important authorizations are in laboratory claim approvals, hence our billing team makes sure all relevant parameters and requirements for the same are put in place.

Advance features that set us apart from our competitors:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Increased Claim Reimbursement
  • Effective Denial Management
  • Physician Credentialing
  • 24*7 Patient Help Line
  • Regular check-ups of latest billing standards and guidelines
  • Regular Audits Checkups

Our Laboratory Billing Services include billing for:

  • Pathology
  • DNA Testing
  • Molecular Testing

Our dedicated professionals manage your billing assessments in specific customized ways so that our clients can get maximum claim reimbursements. They manage the tedious documentation task in an easy way with zero errors to avoid additional penalties and fees. With a unique combination of experience and expertise, our billers and coders have the ability to maintain the consequence of coding, billing, claim submissions and claim reimbursements. We follow HIPAA guidelines, state guidelines or standards to minimize penalties and help our clients to grow more revenue.

Introduction to CPT codes:

  • CPT 80081 – (Pathology) To show Obstetric panel
  • CPT 88141 – (Pathology) Cervical or Vaginal examination
  • CPT 81212 – (DNA Testing) To show the history of breast & ovarian cancer.
  • CPT 81243 – (DNA Testing) Fragile X-Syndrome
  • CPT 81405 – (DNA Testing) Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type to indicate parathyroid, pancreatic, carcinoid family history
  • CPT 83907 – (Molecular Testing) For Colorectal Tissue cells
  • CPT 83891 – (Molecular Testing) To extract purified nucleic acid
  • CPT 83912 – (Molecular Testing) Used to interpret test results and prepare a report.

We offer Laboratory Billing Services different types of laboratories include:

  • Independent Laboratory – Owned by an individual physician or a hospital.
  • Clinical Laboratory – The laboratories in which different types of biological tests are performed.
  • Referring Laboratory – A lab that sends its specimens to some other referral laboratory.
  • Reference Laboratory – A lab that actually performs tests and makes reports from a referral laboratory.
  • Billing Laboratory – The billing laboratory that sends claims to insurance agencies after tests.
  • Medicare-Approved Laboratory – A certified laboratory by a Medicare provider.

Why choose Bikham laboratory Billing Services?

We understand the complexities of laboratory billing services and implement impeccable billing codes and standards or guidelines to improve your revenue cycle. Our team manages the billing process from the beginning to end and help you to get your claims paid faster with fewer denials. We assure maximum benefits to you!