With over 12 years of dynamic experience in medical billing profession, you can rest assured that you have taken the right decision in choosing the result-oriented team at Bikham Healthcare. In the crowded Orthopedic Medical Billing sector, where you have lots of options to choose, here are some dynamic features of Bikham Healthcare that sets it apart from the competition.

  • Follow-up latest billing & coding standards and guidelines
  • HIPAA compliant
  • 24/7 Patient help Line
  • Increased collections
  • Maximize claims reimbursements
  • Effective denial management

Bikham’s experienced Orthopedic medical billing team analyzes the required standards and guidelines better than anyone else. We are updated with the continuously changing medical billing reforms and latest technologies, ensuring our client’s experiences minimum claim rejections & maximum reimbursements.

Our Orthopedic services include

  • Expertise in both billing methods i.e. paper & electronic
  • Timely code audit analysis & implementation
  • Implementation of correct & immaculate codes to multiple procedures
  • Accounts analyzation – prevents blockages in cash flows
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Regular check-ups for pending payments or claims

Introduction to CPT codes

  • CPT Code A5500(Diabetic shoe fitting and modification) – While billing in this code KX Modifier is mandatory for reimbursement.
  • CPT Code L3030 (Foot, Insert, Removable) – Our team experts implement this code in the appropriate way i.e. L3030LTKX for Left Foot and L3030RTKX for Right Foot to avoid rejections from payers.
  • CPT Code 97597 (Devitalized Tissue Removal)– In the billing of this particular code, the RT & LT Modifiers are not applicable.

How does Orthopedic Medical Billing work?

With the complex documentation process, the procedure of Orthopedic Medical Billing starts and to keep it immaculate, the implementation of billing codes must be appropriate. Claim reimbursements and end-of-year service cost analysis both rely on the coding accuracy i.e. coding should be error-free.

We follow the state guidelines and regulations, use HIPAA complaint reforms to avoid severe penalties and fees. Our billers & coders make the cumbersome billing, easy & profitable. With increasing your revenue graphs, we reduce your stress and save your important resources and time. Outsourcing Orthopedic Medical Billing can improve revenues by 30%, scale down your expenses, and identify more reimbursement opportunities for you. Our dedicated professionals work 24/7 to get your claims paid faster.

Billing Softwares Handled

From handling the basic processes like billing reminders & patient scheduling to the complex administrative analysis, every billing team needs a robust software. A software must be reliable and embedded with risk management feature that keeps credentials safe and payments secure.

Bikham Orthopedic Medical Billing team is familiar with hi-tech coding software such as EncoderPro, CodeLink, Flashcode, etc. and billing software such as Medic, Lytec, Medisoft, NextGen, Medic, and so on.

Why Bikham for Ortho Billing?

Our team’s effective & streamlined coding with impeccable billing & credentials improves your revenue management cycle. With the sequential steps i.e. patient enrollment, scheduling, insurance verification & authorization, impeccable coding & billing, pre-audits, documents retrieval and generation of reports with the implementation of suitable modifiers, we guarantee 100% client satisfaction!