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Bikham’s Healthcare division has 12 years of End to end process experience with reputed medical billing companies like Billing Precision, Affinity Billing and Billing Dynamix. Currently we are providing services to over 75 practices mainly  Oncologists, Radiologists, Ambulatory Services, Chiropractors,  physical therapists & Internal medicine practitioners. Our highly experienced Billing team and  effective collection strategies are highly beneficial to Group Facilities, Single practitioners, Hospitals, and other Medical Practices.
Our Goal is to Maximize the provider’s collections, improve  overall numbers, improve the Efficiency and Productivity, thus improving your practice’ potential to the max, while keeping all AR up to date. We make sure the claims don’t set foot beyond the 90 day window and are paid up and completed before that.

Strict HIPPA Adherence

Electronic Processing and transfer of Data via multiplexer/router modem is encrypted and password protected to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Records are kept secure and all appropriate laws are observed for handling the release of information.

90 Day Bucket Clean up – Our Priority

We take our providers’ expectations and deadlines very seriously. Receivables pending above 90 day is our top priority and our target is to always keep less than 10% of the total AR in the above 90 day bucket; by effective denial management and extensive appeals and supervisor escalation strategies. Our current clients are very happy with the progress there and most of our referred providers are stressing on the fact that we were told that you have the 90 day clean up special strategy so that’s why they’re signing up with us. Happy to give our providers maximized collections and minimum AR backlogs !!

Specialization in Oncology, Radiology, Ambulatory Services & Chiropractic and PT Billing


We believe that the most important part of billing and collections in an outsourced model is effective reporting. Being able to see what has been billed, what collections have been achieved, AIB Reports, Procedure Code analysis, Insurance analysis, payment analysis, cash collected and so on. These are the key features that will be taken care of effectively  when you give your billing in our hands. We have weekly reporting meets with our providers.

Enhanced Billing Services

Because today’s physicians  face many pressures in the healthcare environment, including managed care complexities, declining reimbursement, compliance issues and increasing costs. Given these pressures, physicians find it increasingly difficult to both practice medicine and manage the business operations of their practice. That’s where we come in. We provide comprehensive billing and accounts receivable management services designed to provide your practice with proper and deserved reimbursement, Our enhanced services include :

•Claim posting / Charge capture

•100% Clearinghouse rejection solving capacity

•Personal Injury claims specialisation

•Enrolment services for ERA’s and EFT’s across all payers

•Submitting extensive appeals and getting them approved

•Insurance AR follow up

•Accurate payment posting

•Information management and reporting

•Customized patient statements /  Patients follow up

•Expected and Actual payment tracking

•Billing personal Management

Meet All your Billing Requirements

  • Patient Enrollment
  • —Scheduling
  • —Insurance Verification
  • —Insurance Authorizations
  • —Referrals
  • —Coding
  • —Billing and reconciling accounts
  • —Submitting Appeals
  • —AR Collections
  • —Charge Entry
  • EOB Posting

Why Us ..

  • Receivables pending above 90 day is our top priority and our target is to always keep less than 10% of the total AR in the above 90 day bucket.
  • Available Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm EST, one click on hangouts or one phone call away.
  • Weekly meets with the provider presenting extensive reports to go over the numbers.
  • Specialization in getting Appeals approved for complicated denials.
  • Adherence to HIPPA Guidelines
  • Meet any turnaround time requirements
  • Customer service and Patient query service available.